In today’s world of cookie-cutter, corner cutting home builds, Benjamin Marcus Homes takes pride in the details. Therefore, Benjamin Marcus Homes differentiates itself from our competitors through our commitment to uniqueness and individuality. For instance, no two BMH homes are the same. Above all, we pride ourselves on one simple principle – your home will never be your neighbors’ home.


Additionally, our homes meet or exceed the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the Uniform Construction Code (UCC), and the International Residential Code (IRC).  For instance, our homes feature the following:

  • Low-E glass windows
  • Oversized footers
  • Steel reinforced poured concrete foundations
  • Inside and outside french drains
  • Engineered floor systems providing structural integrity and noise reduction
  • 2×6 exterior walls for more rigid construction
  • Pre-piped for radon gas mitigation
  • Copper plumbing*
  • Insulated and sealed HVAC ductwork
  • Thermostatically/Humidistatically controlled attic ventilation*
  • Optional whole house LED lighting

*subject to series selection

Great Room and Kitchen in Hamlet of Springdale


Uniqueness in our homes is paramount to our mission. Additionally, we use the highest-grade materials in constructing your home and refuse to cut the smallest of corners. In other words, from the footers and steel beams to the roof rafters and sealed duct work – the quality and craftsmanship of our homes is not just recognized in what you can see, but also in what you cannot. After that, you’ll realize that quality, craftsmanship and character are key foundational pieces of every Benjamin Marcus Home. For instance, other custom builders may find ways to upcharge you for a service or item. Often times those same items are simply standard at BMH.


Additionally, a home is an investment and also a way to express yourself and your individual tastes.  Therefore, with Benjamin Marcus Homes, you’ll never drive into a development where every home looks the same.  Because of that, it's a belief and principle we’ve been using for nearly 40 years. In other words, it’s more important today than ever with couples and individuals wanting to express their individualities and personalities. In conclusion, we build your perfect home for your individual lifestyle and entertainment.