Mark Hoskins, the owner of Benjamin Marcus Homes, launched his career in 1979 as an owner's home builder with one simple goal.  That simple goal is to provide a custom building experience and superior home while making customers’ dreams a reality.

Tracing its business roots to that time, Benjamin Marcus Homes prides itself as a family-owned and operated custom home building company serving various developments in the suburbs throughout the Pittsburgh region.

In addition, with nearly 40 years of experience designing, developing, and building luxurious single-family homes and estates, as well as multi-family dwellings, Mark Hoskins, has distinguished himself as one of the top custom home builders in the Pittsburgh area.

Above all, Benjamin Marcus Homes believe in the importance of upholding the craft of homebuilding in an ever-changing industry.



Hoskins Construction forms in Wheeling, WV, building custom homes exclusively in West Virginia.

The state of Pennsylvania approves liscense for Hoskins Constructions.

Business attorney suggests launching PA-based company.

Hoskins attempts to register “Hoskins Construction” with state of Pennsylvania.

However, PA government rejects request saying, “Hoskins Construction” is already in use.

Hoskins explains that he is the one using the name but is forced to write an explanation in a notarized letter allowing himself permission to use his own name.

PA government “approves” Hoskins Construction, but is placed on a 10-year wait list to ensure no one else claims it. After that, Mark decides, “Enough is enough.”

Benjamin Marcus Hoskins, Mark’s fourth child, is born and experiences health complications. Therefore, Mark names the company “Benjamin Marcus Homes.”

Benjamin Hoskins is healthy and currently living in Atlanta, GA.