10 Reasons to Build vs Buying a Home in 2022

10 Reasons to Build Vs Buying a Home in 2022

We’ve heard from many homebuyers who are feeling exhausted and stuck with the current state of the resale market throughout the Pittsburgh area. They simply can’t find a home that meets their individual needs or styles – or when they do – they find themselves in bidding wars against dozens of other homebuyers.

Given these realities, more homebuyers are realizing there’s possibly never been a better time to build their home. Based on conversations with our customers, we developed a list of the 10 most frequently discussed reasons.

  1. You can choose your own design and interior selections (without the expenses and headaches of a remodel).
  2. Owners of new home construction benefit from the security of the builder’s warranty and manufacturers’ warranties on all systems and appliances.
  3. You’re the first to occupy the home (it seems very obvious, but it’s important to many people).
  4. No bidding wars! The price is the price, and you will never “overpay” or “lose” a home to another buyer.
  5. You can select the location and lot that are perfect for your needs.
  6. Building your home allows you to stick to the general timeline that works best for you, as opposed to having to worry about someone else’s contingencies and timelines.
  7. One loan. One payment.  One interest rate.  There are many flexible financing options only available for new home construction.
  8. Peace of mind — No issues with home inspections, repairs, and renegotiating for existing defects.
  9. Even if you buy a “newer” used house, you do not gain the benefit of the following new home offerings: updated energy efficiencies, and newer building codes.
  10. A brand new home is healthier for you. Some older homes may contain asbestos, lead paint, mold, or other issues that can harm your health.

If you’ve been frustrated with the resale market and you believe that building is right for you, call our team at
724-255-0861 or email info@benjaminmarcushomes.com.

If building a home from scratch isn’t for you, we currently have several new home construction for sale throughout the area. You can view the current inventory on our Homes for Sale page.